Our mission is to offer unrivalled solutions to mining, oil&gas and energy industies combined with an exceptional high standard of service with our partners.


To grow rapidly with our precious partners, adding value to every business we touch in each of our areas of operation with reliable teams empowered by our innovative approach, entrepreneurial spirit.


We always do the right thing with precision, pace and passion.
We trust each other with our partners and have fun winning together.
We create sustainable growth. 


Our company has been founded and started business on 2011.

PRIME TECHNOLOGY, is one of the leading companies in the field with its contemporary view on 21st century, competitive strength, expert executives and expertise.

PRIME TECHNOLOGY, is achieving its goals, by following today’s technological advancements and specializing in the field of activities.

Our quality policy; escalating prosperity, by pursuing latest developments and changes of mining, metallurgy, energy and oil&gas industries relying on teamwork and high technology.

We believe that we have the precise approach on locating the basic necessities of the sector and our country. Starting from foundation, we have been professionally conducting project development strategies and consulting in related industries.

We have represented companies which are founded on high technology and proved themselves in the industry and providing service as a manufacturer.

We Provide Creative Solutions…

PRIME Technology has been founded to provide high quality products and services to mining, energy and oil&gas  industries with its partners.
Our primary aim is to provide technological solutions and services by following latest technological development worldwide.

Next-Generation Cyanide Monitoring

CyanoGuard aims to minimise toxic reagent usage, greenhouse gas emissions and improve precious metal recoveries for gold mines by providing a reliable, user-friendly and intelligent real-time cyanide monitoring and optimisation solution.

Clean Gold Mining 

Clean Mining is working to transform gold production worldwide with a new mineral processing technology that eliminates cyanide and mercury in the gold recovery process.
Transforming gold mining worldwide through safer, more environmentally-responsible technologies.

Condition Monitoring

RONDS is a high tech enterprise which owns core technology and provides turnkey solutions for machinery Condition Monitoring in the predictive maintenance field such as mining, refinery, chemical, energy (wind, hydro, geothermal), metallurgy, cement, paper…etc.

Online Elemental Measurement

RTI is an Australian company that specialises in on-line analysis of bulk materials.

RTI is a high-tech manufacturer and supplier of on-line measurement equipment to the global coal mining, mineral processing, power generation, cement, and food manufacturing industries.

Drill & Blast / Fleet Management Software

MineExcellence is establishing itself as a global leader in drilling and blasting software technology space. The technology helps improve and optimize blasting which can result in significant benefits operationally and eliminate potential risks / problems during blasting. Blast Design, Blast optimization, Blast data collection and Analytics – accessible anywhere anytime in an integrated manner.

Online Core Scanner

Minalyzer CS patented drill core scanner for chemistry, structures, density and photography. Enhancing revenue, reducing cost and increasing efficiency for the mining and exploration industry. 

Minalyze develops and produces advanced analytical instruments for geological data acquisition and related software for data visualization.

Wireless In-Ground Monitoring

Elexon Mining has extended its Smart Marker technology to develop wireless in-ground monitoring systems for mines. The sensors will detect ground movements, allowing mine operators to evaluate the data and make informed decisions that can directly impact mine safety and productivity.

High Pressure Grinding Rolls (HPGR)

CITIC HIC concentrates on improving its overall competitive strength, and will promote its growth by fast tracking development to aid its entry into the Global Manufacturing Industries such as mining&non-ferrous, metallurgical, power, cement, chemical, oil&gas…etc.

Fibre Optic Powered Data Solutions

Our suite of integrated distributed fibre optic technologies (DAS, DSS & DTS), provides ultra-high-definition data sets that solve mission critical measurement challenges in the Alternative Energy, Mining, Environmental & Earth Sciences, Infrastructure and Oil & Gas sectors.

Online Environmental Pollution Monitoring & Industrial Process Control Systems

Zetian focus on Ultra-violet DOAS gas analyzer, Laser TDLAS gas analyzer, continuous emission monitoring system, etc, basically covering air pollution monitoring, metallurgical industries, mining, chemical, refinery industries, cement, sulfur recovery, flue gas and other online monitoring needs.

Real time” Mine Air Quality Monitoring 

IoT measurement & control instrumentation for the optimization of underground mine ventilation & digital networks.
IIOT device that accurately monitors real time environmental conditions and reports back to surface via a digital ethernet or an analog output connection to the network.

Next-Generation Conveyor Solutions

The Premron CHS is a monorail mounted closed loop conveyor system that follows the continuous miner during operation, allowing the safe and productive continuous haulage of material from the face. Premron EBS delivers a cost effective, safe, environmentally friendly material handling solution.

Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Global LED Lighting Solutions is a global supplier of Industrial grade LED lighting solutions and is committed to developing and supplying high quality ATEX/IECex Exm approved LED lighting products and systems that have been purpose developed for installation in mining, tunnelling, oil and gas and other related industrial applications.

Real Time Geotechnical Data Management

The Axis Mapper at rock structures to automatically identify and calculate dip/dip direction. View measurements, colour images, and stereonets underground within seconds. Supplement data with additional rock mass characterization (RMR, Q, and structural description) and geological data.

Directional Core Drilling Solution

Aziwell directional core drilling and borehole survey technology introduce a new standard in the marked, providing reduced drilling costs, more information per drilled meter as well as accurate steering and targeting of your drillholes. Save money and time as well as make directional core drilling fast and easy to perform.

Innovative Borehole Logging and Grade Control

An integrative borehole logging tool providing the quantification of petrophysical data that is typically gathered from expensive core drilling and mineralogical assays of ore samples. In particular, qualitative and/or quantitative measurements of desireable and undesireable mineral and ore forming elements along a borehole, such as Al, Si, P, S, Cr, Fe, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, etc.

Wireless Solutions for Intelligent Operations

Ackcio Beam wireless monitoring solution can be used to reliably monitor various geotechnical and structural sensors in multiple industries like construction, mining and energy.
Ackcio Beam combines Ackcio Devices, Ackcio Mesh, and Ackcio Software to form an end-to-end wireless system for monitoring geotechnical and structural sensors in harsh environments.

Earthquake Early Warning System

“EQGuard” Earthquake Sensor Alarm Equipment to issue alert before the arrival of strong shaking. Built-in accelerometer detects P wave and issue earthquake alert before the arrival of strong shaking by S wave. EQGuard can send the signals to control the connected equipment like broadcasting facility, elevator, production facility etc. in accordance with the estimated seismic intensity level of the earthquake.

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